RAMPage 2009: Show Your Spirit…and Keep Your Dignity.

The first week of November has descended upon us and with it brings chillier weather, an accelerated class pace as finals are encroaching and the illustrious Homecoming festivities. In the past, Homecoming has often been overshadowed by other rivalry games taking place prior and post-homecoming game. However, this year, the stakes are undoubtably higher.
The Opponent: Duke

The Significance: Biggest rivalry in College Sports history.

While the second point may be debatable to circles outside of the North Carolina bubble, to us Heels, and those “dookies,” the Tobacco Road hatred is phenomenal. Some may dispute the intensity of such a rivalry in sports outside of Basketball, but I digress.  Our hatred, much like our propensity for excellence, knows no boundaries when it comes to our blue-dEVIL foes.

What does this have to do with leadership one might ask? It’s simple.  As a student leader, your peers will look to you for behavioral cues. For example, if you’re throwing lemons on the field, someone else will almost surely adhere to your citrus shenanigans. As a student leader, it is your responsiblity to remember the Carolina Way and, more importantly, your dignity in the face of overwhelming hatred. Root for your team, but disregard demeaning chants, as their ultimate effect demeans you. Indulge in victory, but remember humilty, as the tides often vary in College sports.

Remember leadership and remember the importance of always living up to the expectations of this university and more importantly, yourself.


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