Vehement Virtual Sparring

For some indecipherable reason, UNC lost its third consecutive football game to NC State this past weekend. (I say university names instead of teams, because football involves much more than the rosters).  As any good Carolina student would say, in the grand scheme of things, we are unphased by this loss, spouting off impressive athletic statistics, bowl game bids, a better season record and most importantly: state’s not our rival anyway.

However, this phenomenal evidence of our superiority, a completely unbiased view, has not and will never deter NC State from bragging endlessly about three victories against our beloved Heels. Before the final quarter even expired, students from both universities flocked to Facebook either to brag endlessly or attempt damage control about the outcome. Carolina Students erected Facebook groups to dispel or mask any disappointment they may have incurred with the loss, inserting all of the reasons previously mentioned. Not hours passed before opposition groups popped up, countering such statements of outcome apathy.

Viral war of the words ensued, strangers combating over records, statistics and future opportunities. Predictably, no one was persuading anyone; the arguments unrelenting, yet useless. Inevitably, out of frustration, the altercation went for the jugular: issuing personal attacks and inserting vulgarity where none should exist. Students, on both sides, issued generalized, stereotypical statements about the university student population, either with homophobic slurs or sentiments discounting their intelligence. Students typed things they, never in a million years, would dare utter aloud. Like all cyber bullying, anonymity adds to a person’s propensity to slander from afar. It needs to stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I love smack talk just as much as the next person, but it needs to revolve around sports instead of personal attacks. Take this loss as an opportunity to show your leadership. Exude grace in the face of shortcomings and concentrate on the successes. Ignore the wall postings and status updates all calling you a “tar hole,” it’s not a very damaging insult anyway. Log off of Facebook and study for your exams!


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